Graduation night

My Grade 6 Graduation outfit (almost) didn’t cost a dime. As is the tradition, I was fashionably late. As I walked down the red carpet my fellow Year 6’s yelled “Go Tallulah!” “You Go Girl”. Oh, and I was the only one in high heels and Vintage.

All ready to go.

All ready to go.

  • Green suede 1950’s heels – my ‘unofficial’ first pair of heels. These Italian stilts were found at a closing down sale of a massive theatrical costume collection.
  • Kitten tattoo stockings – these plain skin-coloured tights had little kitten’s faces on the back of the calves. Cute!
  • 1950’s petticoats – Two vintage petticoats: one edged with orange, pink and yellow tulle; the other with white lace and blue satin ribbon.
  • 1950’s tea-dress – Hand-altered by mum, this fitted cotton dress had a low back and full skirt. It felt good to dance in. It was tight fitting and it made me feel like a superstar.
  • Black suede belt – Forget the little black dress (LBD), it’s the Little Black Belt.
  • Multicolour casein bead necklace – This was made around the corner in Easey St, Collingwood from milk byproducts before the second world war.
  • Pearl collar – The Audrey Hepburn-inspired faux pearl looked fantastic with the colourful casein beads.
  • Floral ‘Frida’ headband – A special gift from someone I love. On my birthday, I was a little unhappy, because i didn’t get a floral headband like this. Little did I know that I would get one specially made and presented to me on my Graduation Day.
  • Beaded gold handbag – You can never go wrong with a golden clutch.
Back view

Back view

X Tallulah


My beautiful lengths.

Like the majority of girls, since birth, I’d grown my hair.

After Grade 6 Camp I was busting to rid myself of this stereotype.  The very next day, I went to my hairdresser, Deanna and had it all chopped off into a pixie cut.

pre-haircutDeanna starting..things get seriousno turning backdone!

I was determined to send my hair to ‘Beautiful Lengths’ to get it made into a wig for women who have had chemotherapy.  I’m happy that it can be put to good use.

My grandmother went through chemotherapy. She didn’t want to wear a wig – probably because it was not made of real hair – but I know a lot of other women who would.

my donation

A very Tavi weekend #2 (2 in 1 style review)


A Very Fashionable Queue

These are two pictures of some amazing girls in their amazing outfits



I found this one of a kind girl right at the front of the queue but I could spot her a mile away . This was at Tavi’s talk so you can’t go wrong with a homemade flower headband. These extra cute retro glasses definitely match her lower cut doc’s which teamed with socks over stockings is the best fashion rule I have ever broken (and they are polka dots). This cute cut dress is met with a gorgeous green farmland country print (I”m not sure if its Eastern or Western?) and she went a little unorthodox by tieing the ribbon at the front.



This young lady waiting by the door had a natural, dark, animalistic vibe to her outfit. Hair mysteriously swept to the side with a leopard print scarf wrapped around her head, unseen a peach cardigan and an indian patterned deep brown, green and red blouse lurks beneath. Worn leather combat boots, a cord jacket lined with fur and and essential denim short gives this outfit a rustic feel. AND TO TOP IT OFF AN AMERICAN ACCENT makes this girl effortlessly cool.


docs, black tights, awesome attitude and both Tavi fangirls (why so much Doc Martens?)

XX Tallulah