A very Tavi weekend #1

We arrived at the Athenaeum Theatre (an old theatre on Collins Street) early to find a massive queue of stylish girls waiting to get into the Tavi’s World talk. Rookie’s editor, Tavi Gevinson had been invited by the  Melbourne Writer’s Festival to give a keynote address. It was a very diverse age group – mainly under 20’s.

Me at The Athenaeum

Me at The Athenaeum

While we were waiting in the queue, I took some photos of some fantastic girls, but then they all started asking me for a photo and what my blog address was. It was pretty cool.

2013-08-23 17.45.10

Tavi gingerly stepped onstage. there was so much applause, she looked a little bit overwhelmed.

I liked her power point display – it was hand drawn-ish and didn’t look computerised. She talked about imagining if David Attenborough did a nature documentary about One Direction.. “Harry Styles is stepping out of the limo. A stiff breeze, but his hair, it doesn’t move.”

Tavi talked about being a ‘fangirl’ and how it’s not about the Stars, it’s about how being a Fangirl makes YOU feel. She talked about her and her boyfriend breaking up, being diagnosed with depression, and ways she dealt with it, including her addiction to making journals.

She said that it was more fun looking at Style.com at home in her bedroom than being in the front row of the Paris fashion shows.

After her talk, she did a Q&A session with the audience. A lot of the questions were very repetitive, but she coped with it.

I felt pretty happy when we left. It felt pretty special to be in the same room as THE Tavi Gevinson.

When I am her age I’d like to be as confident as she is.


One thought on “A very Tavi weekend #1

  1. You’ve totally captured the evening Tallulah! How you managed to stay so tuned in and remember all this is amazing! And while looking so fabulous! You’re ace!

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